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Meet Niccole Pazos

Niccole Pazos is a native Floridian, born and raised in Broward County. She has lived in the beautiful City of Sunrise for 16 years. She is a Christian and a proud American! Niccole has been married to her husband David for 16 years, they met when she was 18 years old working at a retail store together. she is a mom of 3 (Jordan, 15, Jasmine 12, and Jeweliana 9). Niccole is an entrepreneur / small business owner.

She owns a non-profit for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and a Sign Language Interpreting Agency. She is passionate about small businesses and she looks forward to supporting entrepreneurs and Sunrise small businesses in the City of Sunrise. She firmly believes that small businesses and free enterprise are the backbones of our community. She has spent her life working with special needs populations and Senior Citizens.

By trade, she is a Sign Language Interpreter and Vocational Rehabilitation provider to those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, along with working with individuals who have an array of speech and communication disorders, and works with individuals in the Autism Community. Furthermore, she was the first to implement free American Sign Language classes within the Broward County libraries, it's noteworthy to mention that those classes were taught by native language users.

Shas studied in various areas, such as American Sign Language, Corrections, Speech Pathology, and Business Management. She is passionate about her community, and she knows that imperial changes begin at the municipal level. She is passionate about law enforcement, and she backs and supports our men and women in uniform who valiantly and bravely serve this great city. Additionally, she backs and supports every first responder, as they selflessly serve our community. She looks forward to new programs with Police and Community engagement to strengthen bonds with residents.

She has been a community advocate and a public servant her entire life. in 2017 she was awarded by the Kiwanis Club as the Community Advocate of the year. Additionally, she was one of the originators of The Text-911 bill which was a bipartisan bill that provides all Floridians and visitors texting accessibility to 911 during life-threatening emergencies if one is unable to use a traditional phone.

Niccole is passionate about her community. She is known amongst her peers and family as strong, courageous, bold, and a person of high moral integrity and honesty. She stands for what is right no matter the consequences. She is a firm believer in the rule of law, and she believes that education is paramount to creating effective, vibrant, and robust communities.

Niccole is hopeful that when she is elected as City of Sunrise Commissioner Seat D, she will help catapult the city as a model metropolis for the United States. Niccole firmly believes in transparency with all residents, along with putting the Sunrise residents first. She believes that residents are the most integral part of the community and the voice of every resident is absolutely paramount and every resident matters. She empowers all residents to have a voice and to have an active role in municipal governments.

Niccole takes being a public servant seriously. She emphasizes that when she is elected as Sunrise City Commissioner Seat D, she is accountable to every resident and that she WORKS FOR YOU! YOU are her boss and she wants you to hold her to it. Niccole is excited to add new programming into the city, for inclusive engagement to all residents, along with more educational programs, and new re-occurring community events.

Niccole is passionate to serve her community, she considers herself a servant leader and she takes pride in that. She looks forward to serving the residents in the City of Sunrise. Please feel free to reach out to Niccole at any time, she is always available, and she wants to hear from you. You are her priority, and she wants to make a positive and impactful difference for generations to come.

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